Rendezvous with Robin Garewal



Tale of a salesman

Every professional in his own arena would want to tell tales about his/her experiences so as to reach out to the next generation following the same footsteps. Like a veteran from the armed forces who enjoys telling his younger fellow officers about his tales, experience, and situation over a glass of scotch, this book is a mix of my experiences in the form of stories. It has few learnings for the young enthusiastic sales professionals worldwide.

“This is not a wrenched, blustery, complicated book, with definitions but a simple tale of a salesperson.”

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What People are Saying

Contrary to the belief that you can be an effective and excellent salesman only if you have a knack for selling, this book is a fresh leaf and will give a reader a perspective about one’s passion and commitment towards sales. A passion that translates into a relationship with the buyers and a powerful new way to connect with buyers. thereby yielding desired and delightful outcomes – only by doing it differently and doing it right.

Robin has taken us through a beautiful journey of a sales professional, with all the challenges and obstacles he or she faces, yet with the right approach, attitude, knowledge, and skills that one requires, excelling become imperative and output unparalleled. In this book, one will learn to master each of the fundamental principles of selling and also understand the various ways to cross the barriers, overcome the pressure and find viable solutions to the undeniable, obvious sales problems every salesperson encounters.

An easy read with practical examples narrated beautifully by Robin, and that he has courageously admitted the failures he encountered during his journey, will further enhance and boost the morale and confidence of all salespeople at any experience level. This book is a  simple and modern edition of a business classic, confronting the rapidly evolving world of sales with real-world examples, new strategies for confronting competition, and a reminder to all salespeople that you sell when you own it – your company, your product, and keep your credibility at its optimum level. ‘ Let’s Talk About Sales’ is your book. Grab it for some food for the soul.!

– Pallavi Katoch, Founder & Director Per4m. New Delhi, India

‘I loved that the book is easy to read, has a nice organization and design features, great quotes, has some solid theory and research that are practical and not too complicated.’ 

-Dr. Elina Ibrayeva, PhD, Nebraska, US



“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”. – Alvin Tofler

Robin was recently hired as Assistant Professor Practice at his alma-mater: University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Robin comes with more than 15 years of professional experience in Strategic Sales and International Marketing where he played a keen role in Franchising, Strategic Sales & Marketing Management, Innovation, New Product Design & Development. Robin has been on a leadership position for over 10 years and has nurtured several young managers. Having worked in four different countries, Robin gained immense knowledge of cross-culture and business dynamics. He is a member of AICPA, SoFiE (Society of Financial Econometrics).

He is in the Board of Advisors with Pratap Education Trust, Ludhiana, Punjab, India and has been closely associated with institutions Apeejay School of Management, New Delhi, India;  Army Institute of Management & Technology, Greater Noida, India; JK Business School, Gurgaon, Haryana, India; Dayananda Institute of Management, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

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